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Veidc Maths Programme

Vedic Mathematics is a system of Mental Mathematics. The Sanskrit word "veda" means "knowledge".

Vedic Mathematics is a new & unique system based on simple rules & principles, which enable mathematical problems of all kinds to be solved easily & efficiently.

In Vedic Mathematics there are sixteen sutras or formulae and about thirteen sub-sutras. Each sutra has a large number of usages at all levels of mathematics.

Exercises are carefully graded to enable the distinct development steps of each method to be mastered. The child needs a good deal of revision work in the basics as an ongoing practice and this has been taken into account in the composing of exercises.

Experience has shown that children benefit most from their own practice and experience rather than being continuously provided with explanations of mathematical concepts.

It is assumed that pupils using this workbook already had a degree of mathematical ability. In particular, the times tables need to be fully established. The Vedic system relies on and develops mental capabilities and many of the answers to questions are obtained in only one line. This reliance is greatly aided by regular practice of mental arithmetic.