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Abacus Franchisee : Housewives & Teachers Can Start From Home

Are you someone who is passionate about educating young minds? Do you want to serve the young children of our society so that they have lifelong academic success? Are you a teacher or a housewife or someone who wants to increase their income?

You are at the right place at the right time.

As an authorized Abacus franchise of Abacus Champs Academy , you can teach abacus to young children aged 6-15 years of age. Abacus is a comprehensive calculation tool that has been used since ancient times. Learning abacus boosts a child’s mathematical skills and cognitive ability as a whole. Starting this at an early age ensures that such children have a headstart as compared to their contemporaries, and a guaranteed lifelong academic success. A child who has learnt Abacus under Abacus Champs Academy concentrates better, listens better, memorises better, understands things better, reasons better, does calculations faster, and has a desire for exploration. All of these along with a plethora of yet to be known benefits make Abacus learning an essential for today’s children.

Abacus Champs Academy is more than enthusiastic to offer you this great opportunity to not only serve these young and beautiful minds but also increase your earnings multi-dimensionally.

So what are you waiting for? Become a part of the fastest-growing Abacus franchise at Abacus Champs Academy today itself. We provide the most unique and comprehensive programme on Abacus training. And the best part is, DISTANCE IS NOT A PROBLEM. You can become trained in Abacus in the comfort of your home with the Online Abacus Champs Teacher Training Programme.

Types of programmes offered by us
Junior champs :- For children aged 6 to 8 years.
Senior Champs :- For children aged 8 & above years.

Details of the programmes
Training at each level is delivered in approximately 3 to 4 months under standard conditions, with once a week classroom coaching of 2 hrs, which is followed by everyday practice sessions per level.


  • The training provided by Abacus Champs Academy is world-class and a step ahead of other institutions associated with Abacus. This is showcased in the fact that our students hold 65 world and 72 national records in the Limca Book of Records.
  • Apart from offering franchise, we are also involved in teaching abacus to children directly and we can boast that our Abacus Centre in Delhi is one of the best centres in the entire country.
  • We conduct live demonstrations of Abacus during our franchise's opening ceremony and assist in marketing efforts for better reach and results.
  • We organize National Level Abacus Championship every year to encourage students.
  • The teachers’ training provided by us is extremely practical and comprehensive.
  • We make use of the latest technology and multimedia for training.
  • We provide Abacus kits including bags, abacus, and books.
  • We also provide certificates for each level qualified.
  • Lower investment is required.
  • No Royalty.

So without wasting yet another moment, join us in our venture.

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