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About Abacus

Abacus is a comprehensive calculation tool that has been used since ancient times. Learning abacus boosts a child’s mathematical skills and cognitive ability as a whole. Starting this at an early age ensures that such children have a headstart as compared to their contemporaries, and a guaranteed lifelong academic success. In today’s super competitive world, Abacus is no longer just a supplementary tool, but an absolute necessity. It gives children the mental boost that they need and deserve.

Abacus Learning Benefits

ABACUS is already becoming a popular trend in developed countries like Japan and China and is catching up fast in India as well.

A concept that has been around for centuries, Abacus is becoming a popular mental development tool once again.

Abacus boosts a child’s cognition and skills in more than one way - this is what is called multi-dimensional growth. Key features of Abacus teaching provided at Abacus Champs Academy are as follows:

  • Ensures all-around development for children aged between 6 to 15 years.
  • It helps to develop concentration, listening, and creativity in the child.
  • It helps to eradicate the phobia of mathematics in school-going children.
  • Improves mental calculations skills.
  • It helps to master arithmetics (sum, difference, product, and division) with efficiency.
  • Enhances imaging skills.
  • To bring about a revolution in child’s education in India.

The Calculation Tool

Abacus is fundamentally a calculation tool. In the advanced stages, a kid doesn’t even need a physical Abacus with them to perform the calculation, they can simply visualize the abacus to do calculations. This utilizes the left brain for logic and math and the right brain for visualizing the abacus, the beads, and its relative position. An overview of the functions performed by the Left vs Right part of the brain is given below:

According to top neurologists, we do not use our brain fully, we generally use the left part of the brain in most people (and the right part only in some people). But with abacus training, children start using their right brain too, which leads to excellent results and terrific efficiency

Almost every parent whose children have undergone Abacus training under Abacus Champs Academy has noted that the course has improved the concentration power of their children and hence we have a huge base of satisfied customers.

Abacus develops the following aspects of children’s mental abilities:
  • Concentration
  • Memorization
  • Information Processing
  • Faster Learning
  • Better Listening
  • Inspiration and Motivation

If you want to ensure a secure future for your children, you need to train them for the future, you need to prepare them for this competitive world, you need to train them at Abacus Champs Academy.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and join us today and become a part of this venture of transforming your children’s future.

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